Wednesday, December 31, 2008


was sent as a radio single to boost album sales & increase popularity. Though the song was not commercially released, It was hailed as the Best R&B Song in the 2003 Awit Awards and allowed Nina to bag the Best New Artist Award as well. "Jeaolous"
was released as the next single from the album and it became Nina's first single to Top the charts. Due to its extreme reception, Nina became a radio favorite as her songs gained more airplay. Also, She won the Best New Artist Award in the 2003 MTV Pilipinas Awards.

In mid-2003, She released "Foolish Heart,"
which became her second chart-topper. The song became one of the most-played singles of that year, and was considered to be one of the main reason why the acoustic phenomenon became very much popular. Her song "Loving You"
became the fourth & last single off the Album & also reached the Top 10. A re-release of the album was issued enabling Heaven its Double Platinum status. Included in this release were "Talk to Me," the acoustic version of "Jealous" and "Simula".
During the last quarter of 2003, Nina released "Smile" album alongside the first single "Make You Mine." It became Nina's third number One single, allowing Nina to be the First (and Only) Female Filipino Artist to have three Number One singles in a year.

Considering her commercial viability with her Number One Hits & MultiPlatinum albums, It is wise for advertising executives to have Nina as an Endorser. Nina's personality is a perfect fit for different products considering her reputation for genuine talent with intact values. With this, She earned exclusive deals to endorse Ellips Cologne & Face wash,
a promo single "Talk to Me " for Colgate,
and Nescafe via the Hit single "Simula."
Nina's high taste in Fashion also earned Nina to have Mango, Levi's, Guess & constantly sponsor her clothes.

In 2004, "A Girl Can Dream" was released as the second single & featured labelmate Christian Bautista as her love interest in the video. The song peaked in the Top 5. "Sayang Naman" was the First Tagalog Single Nina released and became the last release from the album. It reached the Top 10 and is considered to be the least successful Nina single to date.

A radio-only single was released in the form of the Madonna original "Shoo-Bee-Doo"
allowing Smile album to reach Platinum status.

In 2004, Nina recorded "I don't wanna be Your friend,"
written by award-winning composer Diane Warren. The song was number One in the Philippines for Eight weeks. Nina's version of the song was included on the compilation album "Love Songs: Diane Warren,"which was awarded Platinum.

Though Smile proved to be less successful than her debut album, her "Nina Live!" album proved to be both critically and commercially successful, earning Platinum status in only its First week of release. "Love moves in Mysterious Ways" was solicited to radio in February and became a Monster Hit by the Summer of 2005. Peaking at the Number One spot for Twelve weeks.

The People have spoken through all of the Final YearEnd Radio & Video Charts: Nina's heartfelt reworking of the Ballad was a Total Favorite. Pop FM radio stations could barely keep up with requests for the sexy chanteuse' cover of the Julia Fordham classic.

Soon, It charted & remained. The Number One song of the Year. It became the Most Successful Nina single to date, also becoming the Longest Number One OPM single not Only in 2005, but in the 200's era.

Nina unleashed her remake of the Michael Johnson hit, "I'll always love You,"
which was included in the only successful OPM Acoustic series- Tunog Acoustic 4. The Torcher was also the Official Song of the Valentines Movie by the Same name. Starring Angel locsin & Richard Guttierrez. I'll always Love you, the Kilig flick for the Love month with Nina's sweet voice pumping up the romance factor between the two talented actors 14-fold.

A second single was released - "Through the Fire,"

a Chaka Khan original, which also peaked at Number One for a week.

was issued as the Third single which peaked within the Top 3, and a recorded version of "I Love You goodbye"
was released as the final single of the Nina Live! album.

As of 2006, Nina Live! album is certified 8x Platinum.
Also in 2005, Nina embarked on her Sold-Out Major Concert entitled Nina Live! at the Araneta Coliseum.

A Nina Live! DVD
was released by the end of 2005 which included the live recordings at the PHI bar, both Nina biography & discography, as well as the Video for the Number One single "I don't wanna be Your friend."

After the Success of Nina Live!, Nina began recording new material for her self-titled Fourth album. After critical & commercial success, Nina decided to release a self-titled album

due to the fact that She has already established Her name as an artist and would like the public to know her as who She really is. "I do"
was the First single, and was Nina's First original single after the Nina Live! era. The song entered the Top 10.

Nina's song "Someday"

regained her next Major Hit. Peaking at Number one for Eight Weeks.

"I didn't mean to make You Mine"

was released as the Third single in 2007. as of April 2007, the Album is Certified Gold & before the year ended, the album reached Platinum Status.

At the height of Nina's Success. Goldilocks' Bakeshop launched it's 4oth Anniversarry in 2006. In its Anniversary, the company decided to tie-in with Warner Music Philippines in releasing a CD single entitled "Araw Mo"
from which the jingle would be sung by the Soul Siren herself. "Araw Mo" was released in time for the 40th Anniversary & became a very popular jingle solicited for radio promo & became the country's official Birthday song.

Also, a TV commercial
was released in lieu of the CD Single.

After performing on her 2006 Major Concert "Nina very Manilow,"

Warner Music Philippines Decided to re-issue Nina's self-titled album with a five-track "Special limited Barry Manilow Edition". It was released in October 2007, alongside with "Nina in the Mix," including four bonus tracks: "Someday", "What If" and "Collide"
from the film "Xenoa" and "The Christmas Song". The First single was "Somewhere down the road"
The song was very mellow & critics admired it. However, It missed the Top position, peaking only at Number Two in the Charts.

Currently, Nina's ability to provide quality performance impressed Sennheiser's executives which made her as its Official product Endorser for its Quality & Top caliber microphones & audio products.
It is noteworthy that Sennheiser is a German product & for a Filipina to endorse it is such an honor.

Revealing the other side of the Soul Siren, Nina showed everybody what She's made of on the Dance Floor via "Shall We Dance"

wherein She was the Dance Champion
for the Season's Celebrity Dance Challenge.
Nobody knew that Nina could dance.
Moreover, nobody knew that Nina could dance exceptionally like Singing. She has flawless dance moves and is a beautiful sight to behold on the dance floor. Dancing can be considered as another genuine talent for her. Earning the recognition of credible dance choreographers & experts.

In early 2008, Nina released "If I should Love again"
as a follow up to the success of her previous single. It achieved less airplays than her other singles, causing the song again, to peak at the Number Two spot on charts. 2008 is also the year that Nina started her weekly radio show via WAVE 89.1's "Renditions of the Soul"
where she gives radio listeners her own soulful versions of Male artists' songs.

The Nina album released "I can't make You Love Me,"
the last single from the album.

Middle of 2008, the Soul Siren released an album where She collaborated with one of the World's best songwriter - Diane warren thru the "Nina singngs the Hits of Diane Warren"
album with a radio friendly "I don't wanna Miss a Thing" as its carrier single. In just a week after the album's release, the album reached the Gold Status.

"There You'll Be" was the Second single released before 2008 ended. She released the song before her Birthday celebration in ASAP (ABS CBN 2). Nina dedicates the song to all her supporters. The Video is set to be released on January 2009.

Nina has achieved so much in so little time. After six years in the live & recording music spotlight, Nina emerged with Five Multiplatinum Selling albums, pioneered the Only OPM music DVD in the country with Nina Live! DVD, wrapped up Major Artist collaborations with international Artists
like the Cascades,

The Cascades sings with Nina one of her hit songs.
"What Do we mean to each other" & "I'm Never gonna give You Up" duets with fellow Romance Royalty, Joe Pizzulo in his album "All the Best

and a collaboration album with Diane Warren,

Nina's Album launch of Collaboration with Diane Warren
and more performances with International Artists.
Nina performing with Fra Lippo Lippi
Nina had countless inclusions in local album compilations like the successful Tunog Acoustic collections,

Hotsilog (Hotdogs Compilation album),

Love songs (Compilation of Diane Warren's hits with various international artists)

All these awards, recognitions & big triumphs earn for Nina the deserving title of Queen of Pop, and a permanent place in Pinoy music lovers’ hearts, who giddily wait for more majestic Nina surprises in the year to come.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


NINA had a post Christmas Party (December 26, 2008) with her NSS family in Valle Verde 4 Clubhouse. It was a fun party for Nina & her friends getting to know more each other. Nina prepared food for everyone with games & surprises. with special numbers from Nina's niece Jammy & nephew JC & his friends. It was a night of ...

NINA with the family.

Eating time...
gifts & surprises!
hep! hep! hooray!...

Name that tune?...Pinoy Henyo NSS Style
gifts Nina opened after the party.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nina in MYX MO 2008

Local music channel MYX once again gathered music fans to celebrate the 2008 MYX MO! event.

This year's festival was held at the
SM mall of asia concert grounds in Pasay City last
November 6, 2008.

Around 50 artists participated and entertained the crowd through diverse genres ranging from rock, pop and even hip hop.

The Soul Siren Nina tamed the wildest beast that night through her beautiful voice, whichtemporarily served as a welcome breather from the aer splitting music delivered by the rock bands. Nina performed "I don't wanna miss a thing," a song included in her latest album - NINA SINGS THE HITS OF DIANE WARREN.

Nina performing her hit song in MYX MO! 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


& A

The Christmas Song Music Video of Nina
Nina performing with other artists in the 2006 ABS CBN Christmas special

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Nina gives her supporters a New Years gift for 2009. She shoots her 2nd video"THERE YOU'LL BE" from her latest album NINA SINGS THE HITS OF DIANE WARREN.

This is the second time Nina is doing a Music Video with director Sean Lim. (her director with the COLLIDE Music Video.)